3 Most Photogenic Places in Paris

Okay, okay.
Because I loved Paris so much, I had to make another post and give you all my tips. And just a hint: flights to Paris have dropped like crazy for the fall, so if you can, you absolutely should go. It is the most magical city I have ever experienced.

Here are (in my opinion) the top 3 most photogenic places in Paris.

3. Tour de Eiffel.

This may seem like a big “duh”, but I almost did not pull out my camera while we were here. There were so many people and amidst the stress, I almost missed one of the most beautiful backgrounds I’ve ever seen. Anytime of day, the Eiffel Tower is incomparable in its beauty.

2. Notre Dame
Let’s get real. If you follow my work at all, you know I am much more of a nature scenery type of photographer. However, with architecture like this? My spirit came alive running around this beautiful place. We were there on an overcast morning, but I have a feeling any time of day this place would shine.

3. Musee de Louvre.
Jordan surprised me on our first morning in Paris by leading me to the Louvre. It is a place I had only ever thought I would see in my dreams, and I burst into tears when I saw it. Not only is the Louvre itself miraculous, but the surrounding buildings make for epic photo spots. Take a couple hours walking around and keeping your eyes open for the nooks and crannys other tourist may not notice.

Bonus: The streets of Paris.
One of the BEST places to take photos in Paris is just that. Paris! The streets are so beautiful and full of life. You have incredible architecture around every corner, flower markets bursting with color, and a vibrance that cannot be explained. So get out your camera and start shooting!

As another treat, below are some insane portraits Jordan shot on 35mm film. Whether you are a professional photographer or simply shoot for fun, Paris has something for you.
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